LA River School

My message: Make the American dream more of a reality

Dear future president,

I’m a Latino, born and raised in Los Angeles, and I have noticed that undocumented immigrants don’t have rights to be part of the United States. Just because they are immigrants doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be treated equally. Both my parents are naturalized citizens. They always tell me about the struggle they faced when they first arrived in the United States.

Even though they have their papers, they are treated as if they are nothing. I’m tired of witnessing immigrants being rejected a job because they’re undocumented. They have families they have to raise and by not being able to get a job, they can’t put food on the table and live the American dream. People come to the U.S. for a new life but often times, they don’t get that.

My question to you is how will you help the people who have all these issues? Will you be courageous enough to legalize people who are undocumented? How will you make that difference, or a better question, will you be the one to make that difference?


Juan Sandoval

Los Angeles River School

Los Angeles, Calif.