LA River School

My message: Reconsider gender-neutral bathrooms

Dear future president,

Congratulations on becoming the next president of the United States. In spite of the fact that I was not able to vote this year, I am looking forward to these next four years.

I’m sure you have future plans and have considered the hot topic that has situated since 2013: gender-neutral bathrooms. I come from a household of women and girls: three sisters, two mothers and myself. Not everyone has been raised by homosexual parents, but I can’t imagine it being any different from anyone else’s.

Every family wants to keep their kids safe and try to minimize tribulations as best as they are able to. The LGBT community might argue my reasoning, but I am against gender-neutral bathrooms. What is ultimately more important? Making transgender individuals feel less alienated, but increasing sexual assault rates drastically? To every solution are obstacles to surpass. In this case, opening gender-neutral bathrooms past our schools and into the community will do more harm than heal.

When I mention sexual assaults, it isn’t directly to the LGBT community, but to everyone. If I were a mother, I wouldn’t want to worry about my child going to use the bathroom at the park, or going out and having drinks with friends and passing out on the bathroom floor. One can evidently blame another for being careless with their kids and not controlling their drinking, but we ultimately shouldn’t have to worry about that.

Opening gender-neutral bathrooms will only make it easier for predators and give them the right to have even been there in the first place. So I ask of you to take this thought into consideration.


Monica Hernandez

Los Angeles River High School

Los Angeles, Calif.