LA River School

My message: What if your family was taken away from you?

Dear future president,

Many of my friends parents are worried that tomorrow they’ll be gone. This country chooses to separate and break families apart. There are many broken dreams, please stop destroying families. Why would that be something you would what to get rid of? What if your family was taken away from you?

We all deserve an opportunity to communicate and find more answers to the problem. If you think you are solving a problem, I suggest you think twice. People come here to find a better way. Not all immigrants are working inside fancy offices or restaurants. We are eligible to grow up and have the same chance to succeed in this journey like others do. Immigrants prove that we also work hard to get personal things correct. Many do not have easy jobs, like field peasants. Their fingers bleed, low wages, all day under the hot sun, smelling the pesticides. They do not deserve to suffer while others don’t appreciate their hard working.

My father has worked hard for us to be successful and be thankful for what we have received. Hispanics in general have been suffered the most, you need to stop violence and bring back what was broken. I can’t believe that my father can’t get a better job like others. Why not make a change now, we all deserve to have the same opportunity.

I am tired of seeing people like us working hard, and it scares me that I can’t do anything to change their living. I know that you have the power to do something different. I trust you won’t be laissez-faire and do something differently.


Jocelyn Marcial

Los Angeles, Calif.