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My Valentine’s Day with my bros

For the past four years, my Valentine’s Day has been different from spending it alone, with an ex-lover, or just chilling with my bros. I think Valentine’s is only for couples, but you could still have fun.

In Los Angeles, there are places specifically for single people. One place all singles can go to have a good fun time is the Uncabaret. It’s a place for comedians to express their unique comic skills. But also Valentine’s can be a day to make new connections with people or stronger connections with old friends.

I spent one Valentine’s Day with all my bros. My bros and I spent the whole day messing around at the mall waiting for a movie to start. As the day passed by, we notice it was getting late so we ended the day at Shakey’s. We had fun.

You can do a whole lot more than just smooching on Valentine’s Day. If you are in a relationship, make sure to show love to your partner throughout the year, not just one day.