LA River School

New Innovative: LA’s Two Bit Circus

Downtown LA—Two Bit Circus comes to Broadway St., Los Angeles where Angelenos from all over the city came together on Saturday, Jan. 27 to create a mix of the old and new. This circus changed the way I think about circuses.

Not only can I see a Ferris wheel and acrobats on each corner of the lengthy street, but I am surrounded by many original games where I can digitally play with my friends without any cables running around my body. The highlight of the show was the attraction “Flambe.”

Now, don’t be scared by the name. They do not light someone in front of us like some sort of torture attraction. The circus took precautions and the volunteers were protected by special suits.

The game was audience members had three chances to throw a pitch that was aimed to a bulls eye red target. If you made the pitch the person inside with the protected room will “burn to flames.”

Every time this happened my heart jumped. It was nerve-racking at first but once I saw that the volunteers were just fine my heart went  back to its normal pace.

This circus is just what the people from LA need to come together and experience something that bond us as a community.