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Three ways to cope with working and attending high school

I used to have a job. Let me tell you why I’m currently unemployed. In my last blog I talked about the pros and cons about having a job and going to school. I wasn’t  able to overcome the con’s due to me slacking off in school, let my homework pile up, and I was working so much I would just sleep. I did not want to face the fact that I had to choose one or the other.

My mom made the decision and of course she chose school. My education is my main priority and like I always say, why settle for less when I know I can get more? As a senior, I had to do well in school to be able to make it in life. While I was working and going to school, I was extremely tired, slept in class, and would often go home straight to my bed. I wouldn’t bother doing my homework because I would get home from work and then just fall asleep. The next day in school I would rush to complete my homework and not do good work at all. My grades dropped. I was just focused on working. It seemed like my job was becoming my main priority.

Finally, I realized during my parent conference that my bad grades were affecting me as a senior. The principal, counselors, and my mom made a decision that I had to leave my job. I didn’t get fired, it was a decision made by the ones that really care and want to see me succeed in life.

Working can be a good thing. It teaches you many things but always keep in mind that school should always come first for us teens since we have an opportunity that our parents wish they had to get a good job and make good money.

Here are three pieces of advice that I give to you if you work and have a job:

  • Get an early shift right when you’re off school if you get out at 3:30 p.m. Go in at 4:00 p.m. to get out earlier
  • Do your homework in your service period or right when you get off school if you have a home period
  • On the weekends don’t stay up so late. REST!