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Opinion: Immigration topic on television makes me wonder

I’m sitting on my couch and the television is on. I’m watching the news and I hear the word immigration. Immigration is something that has always caught my attention. Why? Because my family members are considered immigrants. They came from Guerrero, Mexico to the United States for a better life; for what most people consider the “American Dream.” My family has been living a better life since they migrated to the United States about 30 years ago.

Talk about immigration has been going on for several of years. This has been going on even before President Obama was a presidential candidate. The whole immigration topic during that time had me worried because Obama was basically the only one who wanted to support immigrants. Obama became president in 2008 and brought joy to a lot of immigrants because he would help them be more successful.

A big accomplishment that Obama did for undocumented people was the Dream Act in 2012. The Dream Act has helped my family in many ways but mostly my brother because he now has a better job to support his kids. This Dream Act has actually helped undocumented teens to go further in life.

This immigration topic still comes up a lot on TV? Why? I think it is that the presidential elections are coming up and the topic still has me worried. It has me even more worried now because none of these candidates seem to be serious about doing anything special for immigrants.

“These [presidential] candidates worry me because what if they do not do anything to help our hard-working parents? It bugs me that I get all these negative thoughts because the topic of immigration,” said Jose Luis.

Donald Trump has me concerned because he seems to be winning a lot of the Republican primaries. To me, he is just very racist. According to Marie Claire, Donald Trump said “when Mexico sends its people, they’’re not sending the best. They’’re not sending you, they’’re sending people who have lots of problems and they’’re bringing those problems with us. They’’re bringing drugs. They’’re bringing crime. They’’re rapists.” He dislikes Mexican immigrants and wants to kick out all the immigrants out of the United States if he becomes president. How is that even possible? I still don’t think its possible even if they try to deport undocumented people because deportations are happening now and that doesn’t change a thing but just separate families.

According to Corpus Christi Caller Times, “We should be deporting criminals, not hard-working immigrant families who do the very best they can,” says Hillary Clinton. I agree with Clinton because immigrants come to the United States to work and live a better life.

The United States is basically made up of pure hard-working immigrants. Without them, the United States just would not be same. So why deport immigrants instead of helping them? On an article on Huffington post, Bernie Sanders said that “he would push for immigration reform and go even further than President Barack Obama in expanding deportation relief.”

I think immigration is becoming more of a negative thing because there isn’t going to be any help like there was when Obama was president. That is something I worry about.