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Opinion: The MSDHS Shooting Should Be An Eye Opener

February 14 is usually a day where you show your love towards those you love. That wasn’t the case for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The students there spent their day in fear.

They faced a school shooting and 17 people lost their lives after a former student walked into the school and started shooting at students.

This is all due to the lack of gun control because it makes it easier for guns to get into the wrong hands. This school shooting is an example of that because a 19-year-old was able to get his hands on a AR-15. There have been many massacres throughout the years and there hasn’t been enough effort to put a stop to it. We should be able to go to school and feel safe not afraid that someone might walk in through our gates and take our lives.

Trump addressed this issue and talked about mental illness being the issue, but he didn’t mention the lack of gun control also being an issue. Instead, he brought up that teachers should have a guns in their classrooms. That is just absurd. The problem is guns.

Why would he put a gun in a classroom anything can go wrong like it can go off by accident, like that girl who took the gun to Sal Castro Middle School and it went off when her backpack fell and injured two kids.

This is a tragedy and I send my prayers to the families who lost their loved ones. Since January 1, there has been 18 shootings on school ground. We are not even halfway through the year.

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting should be an eye opener that the lack of gun control is a serious problem. As a country, we should all come together and put in end to this situation. I don’t know what is taking the politicians in our government so long to enforce gun control and do something to prevent another life from being taken.

The school shooting is one example that there needs to be a change, just like people taking their own lives with guns, or gang members going to kill other rival gang members with guns. This has to change in the U.S. even in other places.

As a student, I don’t want to be afraid of attending school because I don’t know if someone has plans on shooting my school. No student should feel that way. Mass shootings have to stop. School shootings need to stop, and people taking their own lives with guns needs to stop. I want to see change for my sake and for the sake of my young  niece and nephew. I want them to grow up feeling safe at their schools and in our cities.

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