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Opinion: Valentine’s Day — a waste of money

The holiday that is known for so-called “loved,” involves roses, chocolates, stuffed animals, kisses, and hugs. Extra work you have to put in like getting dinner reservations, putting in overtime at work to buy your special someone a special gift, and looking extra nice for your lover.

“The work of cupid and his magical powers.” Yeah right! As for me, I believe that Valentine’s Day is a big waste of money. It’s another made up holiday that is used to bring revenue. Every year, we are expected to buy flowers or gifts to our loved ones. I always buy my mom flowers because it’s a way for me to show her I love her. In the past I would buy gifts for my girlfriend. But looking back now it was a waste of money because we broke up. She would give me a bucket of chocolates that gave me cavities. In the end, those cavities were more expensive and painful.

My advice is that don’t feel pressured to buy your boyfriend/girlfriend a gift for Valentine’s, sometimes you can’t afford it or you just don’t want to go through the trouble. Trust me, your boyfriend/girlfriend will understand and better yet not expect something for future times