LA River School

Poem: Rise from Hell into the Heavens



Don’t always expect the best from people

An Evil Look with a Smooth Attitude

Can Fool Someone Like You

Chained vs. Freedom

You were Taken in by the Evil One

The King Of Darkness

“Mighty-ful” and Successful

Temptation was his Key

The Angel Of Darkness

He Never Left the Mind

In and Out

Out and About

Now you’re Free

Looking For Forgiveness

A Fallen Angel

I took you Under my Wing

As a Your Daughter

We were Both Sinners

Till The day Comes to End

The Numbers are Counting Down

Day by Day

I Will Not know who you are

Once We see The Light to The Other side

But I promise You

The Time We Have now

I’ll Spend it with you Like It’s My Last

Once The Time Comes To End

I Don’t Want You Left Behind

I swear By Everything I Have

I’ll Always Stay By Your Side

You’ve done Wrong

I’ve Done Wrong

But Honestly

I’ve Learned to Forgive The most Blackest Sin Committed