LA River School

Powerball: $1.5 billion is for the community first

Winning something is always a glorifying moment even if it is something small, but winning the Powerball must be an unbelievable feeling. Many don’t know how they’d spend the money if they won the lottery, especially if it’s $1.5 billion. However, I know how I would spend my money if I were to win the lottery. I would give back to my community, take care of my family, and of course begin to live my life.

I’ve lived in my community for my whole 18 years of life. Who I become won’t change where I was raised. I live in Elysian Valley by a park and growing up, that park has been and still is a recognition to where I grew up. If I were to win the lottery I would remodel that park by reconstructing the gym, adding a pool, improving the playground, and have every inch of the field green. I feel a tie to that park because like I said “I will never forget where I came from”. Although my neighborhood is not the only thing I’d take care of.

My family comes before me and I would do my best to take care of them. I would buy my parents a big beautiful house of their choice and location. I would also buy them a new SUV and car of their choice. Due to having three siblings, I would buy each of them a nice house and car of their choice. By taking care of my family, however, I would have money in their bank accounts. There is no limit to helping family, so I would just take care of the basics, their basic necessities that is. Once I know my family is set I would be able to relax and focus on myself.

I don’t believe I would try to buy everything I have ever wanted because in some cases that is how people lose their money. For myself, I would just buy myself a house with a personal chef, an SUV, and a car of the year. The rest of my money would be put into a savings account and won’t be touched unless I really need it. Other than that my life would be set because I have a house, my family has been taken care of, and my neighborhood would have a new park to visit.