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Powerball: Where does my winnings go?

The latest trend going around in the United States was purchasing the lucky ticket to win the Powerball. With the Powerball making great history, it had everyone buying tickets. With the jackpot starting in November 2015 at $40 and no one winning since, the amount rose to 1.5 billion dollars on Jan. 13, 2016. Shockingly enough, this drawing had three lucky winners from California, Florida, and Tennessee. The chance of someone winning the $1.5 billion was one out of 292,000,000. Therefore, the odds are at your side.

Millions of people purchased many tickets, which raises so much money. But the question is where does all that money raised go to? Although here in California, part of it goes to fund for public education which is actually a great thing. If I were to win the Powerball money I would want to be wise in the choices I make with it.

One thing that I would do with this money is help myself and help others as well. For example, I would first secure my future to be debt free. Most likely, I would spoil myself just a little by buying myself a house in Malibu because that has always been one of my dreams to live somewhere peaceful. I would also buy myself a few cars like an all-white Jeep Rubicon and a matte grey Tesla. Traveling around the world while I am still young is also a benefit for me, therefore, winning the Powerball will just make it easier for me. It also wouldn’t hurt me to buy myself clothes, shoes, and a couple of handbags. One thing that is for sure is that I will completely fulfill all my dreams.

My family has done a lot for me and my siblings since the days we were born, therefore, I believe that there is no amount of money that’ll be enough to pay them for everything. Buying them a house where they could live happy is also one of my priorities. For example, I would make sure that both of my parents don’t have to work anymore and could just enjoy their lives. I know that my dad has always wanted his own ranch so I would help make my dad’s wishes come true. Ensuring myself that my brothers are set for their future is also a priority as well because I would help them so they could further their education.

Giving back to my community would also be a good idea because it has been the place where I grew up and has a lot to do with the person I am now. With the money that I would win from the Powerball, I would build a local park. That is safe around my neighborhood which has exercising machines and jungle gyms for the kids to play while the parents workout. Donating some money to help restore my community would help make it cleaner and give the outsiders a better first impression. The point is that by winning the money I would help out as much as possible.