LA River School

Prom is an event everyone should attend

Senior year, the final year of high school is filled with many emotions. Throughout the four years many high school students work hard to keep their grades high enough to graduate, so they’ll be eligible to participate in exciting school events. One of those events is prom.

Prom is a special night with your high school friends to remember for years to come. Both of my sisters missed out on their prom and when they speak of it now they say they regret not going because it’s a memory you keep years after it’s over. Although I have been waiting for my prom since I was a freshman, I was even more thrilled on the idea of prom because I knew I was going to experience something special. I am glad I attended.

Prom does not start until the evening, so girls begin to get ready early in the day by doing their nails, looking for the right dress, shoes, a hairstylist, a makeup artist and even looking for someone to go with. Just by looking for a dress and shoes can be overwhelmed with joy because you know the event is near. 

When I woke up that day I was in complete ecstasy. I remember waking up early that day to run some errands. I was done by 10:30 a.m., so I was able to go to my hair appointment early. An hour later I arrived at home and my friends were there waiting for me. We began getting ready together by my sister doing our makeup one at a time. Finally, when the three of my friends and I had our hair and makeup done we started to put on our dresses and shoes on. Once we were all ready we all took photos to last us many years to come. As soon as that was over we headed to our first prom.

I’m glad I was able to experience that night with good friends. It was nice to have the ability to capture the moments in photos for years to come and look back at that day. Prom was an unforgettable day in which I recommend everyone to go.