LA River School

Prom or not?


There are high school seniors who are eligible to participate in senior activities but still debate whether or not to be part of those activities. One activity that a lot of seniors debate on is prom.

Prom is a special celebration that happens each year for the graduating class. This year, there were plenty of high school seniors who weren’t so sure if they wanted to attend prom. There can be for a variety of reasons why they weren’t so sure of participating in the special event. Some reasons why a student might not want to go to prom is because they might be having financial problems or just they really didn’t want to attend the celebration.

“Prom just didn’t sound like a thing for me and plus some of my friends didn’t want to go so there wasn’t gonna be any point on going if they weren’t gonna go,” said Los Angeles River High School student Henri Reyes.

I believe that attending prom is the main activity that a senior should be part of because you spend time with all your friends. Friends are people who bring joy and happiness to your life, and by being at prom you feel those emotions with them. You will see students that you have known since you were in elementary school and it sure brings joy about graduating soon.

Something you really feel while being at prom is that you’re almost out of high school and that’s a good feeling but also a bad feeling. I say bad feeling because people will miss their high school no matter what, due to the fact that so many memories will be left behind. You will be leaving behind such great teachers and classmates who were such good friends.

Prom is something that I will never forget. I will remember dressing up so elegant, getting nervous to see how amazing my prom date was going to look, and arriving to the event in my truck. This is something that I will remember all my life and I am sure every other senior who attended will also keep this great memory with them forever.