LA River School

Prom: ‘Solo’s the way to go’

For this year’s prom, I took my girlfriend thinking that it would be fun and that there would be no problems, but oh boy was I wrong!

The night started amazing with food, picture taking, and lots of laughs. We danced for an hour and everything was fine until some drama started, and she got mad at me, causing us to sit for the rest of the night which I didn’t enjoy at all. Now I regret not going alone.

If I would’ve gone alone I think the night would’ve just gone smoother with me and my friends. I would have had no restrictions on what I could or couldn’t do and no one to tell me anything. If that night was up to me, I would’ve danced all night long with my friends of course, but since I brought someone I had to stay with them the whole night which I wasn’t a very big fan of. I only sat down because she was my girlfriend and I didn’t want her to think that I was doing more things on the dance floor. I think about it like this: you only have one prom and it’s probably better for you to enjoy the night instead of being upset the whole night. I’m just saying if you don’t bring anyone you don’t have to worry about anyone else but yourself and you’ll probably be decreasing the chances of you running into drama. You don’t always need a date to have fun.

But if you do want to take someone and they agree to go with you, you better set some ground rules before you go because if you don’t the night could end up being a nightmare instead of a dream come true.

You should set rules for yourself and your date.

  • Rule #1: No drama 
  • Rule #2 Enjoy yourself
  • Rule #3 Don’t think about what others are doing worry about what you’re doing because at the end of the day your parents are the only ones that should be worried about you.
  • Rule #4 Stay safe because we all know the things that go down at prom night aren’t always remembered.