LA River School

Quick Read: Winning the lottery

Imagine winning the lottery. It must be amazing; picturing yourself in a 7/11 checking your winning ticket. You would check the numbers, doubting yourself, but the machine says “winner”. I bet all of our hearts would drop. We would quickly check the machine again. But what will we do next is the probably the scariest realization of winning the lottery.

I am not old enough to win the lottery, but my imagination can still picture what I will do if I won. One of the first things I would do is tell my father to retire and not worry about money anymore. I would invest in his dreams of owning his own trucking company. Not only would it benefit both of us financially, but it would be a nice to see my father’s dream come true. The second thing I would invest is my mom’s dream home. Then of course set money aside for all my brothers and sisters’ education. After, I would give my family members $1 million each.

I would also put money aside for my education. Then I would invest in a farm. The farm would be very large. All the crops I grow would be given to the people who want or need it. But they would have to help or show proof they served the community. That is what I would do if I won the lottery.