LA River School

Reflection: If I had won the $1.5 billion Powerball

This year’s Powerball jackpot was set at an all time high of $1.5 billion, the biggest in U.S history. I don’t even think I could spend all the money on my own, even if I bought everything I wanted. I do know that I would spend my winnings on myself, my family, and my community.

If I  had won the billion dollars, the first thing I would by myself is my dream car. I would buy a house for myself in a nice area, but would probably move to another state, maybe even another country. I would continue to go to school and save money to pay for my college and probably medical school. Of course, I would go on a crazy shopping spree and have a massive closet in my new home. I would buy tickets to every Insomniac event that there is because it counts as traveling, and going to every event would be a dream come true.

For my family, I’d buy all of my siblings and parents houses and cars. I’d also take them shopping anywhere they wanted to go, and buy them anything they wanted. I would also take everyone to travel with me around the world and go on vacation. I would take everyone to every continent and then let everyone have a destination of their choice.

For my community, I would give money to fix up and modify houses, buildings, and streets. I would give money to a local school to buy new supplies for the kids. Also, I give money to local parks to buy whatever equipment needed.