LA River School

Reflection: Transition to college

In three more days, seniors at L.A. River High School will graduate and begin their own paths to follow their dreams.

Many are excited to follow their dreams while others are excited to start their new life and see what’s ahead of them. I’m excited to go college but nervous because I know it’s going to be a challenge to reach my dreams.

I want to study criminal justice and join the FBI after graduation. My plan is to work and go to college. I want to have enough money for any expenses I may have in college. If I do get my bachelor’s degree, I want to move to Clarksburg, W. Va. because one of the FBI’s headquarters is located there. I would apply to get training and wait for the process to begin.

I decided to major in criminal justice because I like to help people who are in trouble; I want to help families who are in desperate need of help. I’ll be the first one in my family to head to college and accept the upcoming challenge. It’s hard because not many have the chance to continue off to college.

Many kids in other countries wish to have the opportunity to have an education. I have that opportunity and thankful to God for it because I want to make my family proud just like any other son/daughter would for their parents.

I encourage those who are still in high school and are thinking about not continuing after high school to rethink college because it’s a good experience; it’s part of your future, “Take the challenge,” “Just do it.”

We should always dream big because anything is possible if we fight for it. I can already feel the journey filled with excitement. It will take a lot of work but at the end it always pays off.