LA River School

Review: A Piece of Cake

Reading can be a pain for some people, maybe because they haven’t found the right book. Let me tell you about the book being passed around at my school. A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown is truly an inspirational, saddening, yet humorous book. From this book I learned that you can overcome anything that comes your way only if you motivate yourself no matter what you have been through.

Cupcake Brown went through so many years of trouble and misery because of one fateful day. Turning to drugs and alcohol to drown her sorrows from being mentally, physically, and sexually abused. Being raped and having to prostitute at an age so young that some children her age don’t understand the meaning of these words. Cupcake Brown would always find herself in an unstable relationship ending within the second month. She would often have trouble with men due to the fact that she was used by men at such a young age. Foster home to foster home, abandoned by her biological father, young Brown had to become a survivalist for herself by running away, and hitchhiking to go back to her hometown a place where she did feel home and felt wanted.

All she ever wanted was to be loved and she found that same feeling by involving herself in gangs. ‘’There I met my new family’’ Cupcake Brown said as she met with the gang she claimed. Brown needed affection and she found it from her cousin which also a fellow gang member ‘’He was like the big brother I’d never had, the father I’d tragically and suddenly lost, and the protective, caring brother I secretly desired.’’ Although she went through so much pain and struggle in her years, she did overcome her tragic years due to the fact that she works at a large law firm.

What I got out of reading A Piece of Cake is believing that anyone can do anything if they put their minds to it. She was a drug addict, but decided that was enough and turned her whole life around by going to rehab and starting school. I enjoyed this book and so did Ms.KV my English teacher who introduced our school to this excellent book, saying It’s one of her favorite books.

‘’It shows how good people get mixed up with bad things and how powerful addiction is.’’ However not everyone felt the same ‘’I had to take a break from it because the subject was just too heavy’’ said another teacher, Ms.Chiriboga. Nonetheless this memoir catches a reader’s attention especially mine.