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Review: Kendrick Lamar and his Powerful Performance

Raised in Compton, Calif., rapper and songwriter Kendrick Lamar kicked off the 60th Annual Grammy Awards Sunday, Jan. 28 at Madison Square Garden in New York City with a powerful and entertaining performance.

Songs he included in his performance were “XXX” and “DNA,” which are included in his latest album “DAMN.” Lamar had some help on stage in order to make his performance stronger and interesting.

He included a military acknowledgement, a backdrop of the American Flag, back up dancers, a taiko drummer and even the band U2 to sing chorus for a song. Kendrick Lamar included his visuals and voice in order to share a message along as entertaining the audience and viewers from home.

Through the performance, Kendrick Lamar portrays the themes of racism and police brutality as his big message. Based on the problems our world has been facing, the specific ones Lamar pointed out happen regularly and need to be recognized by all.

Racism and police brutality can be toward anyone and needs to be fixed and stopped. To tie his performance, Kendrick Lamar was honored to win five Grammys that night. Kendrick Lamar is one successful, “HUMBLE” and lyrical genius to not miss.

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