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Review: Painting Caitlyn

Painting Caitlyn is a book about a 15-year-old girl who has a passion for art. Her mom and stepfather are trying to have a baby. Caitlyn is very jealous and doesn’t want to have a baby sister or brother because her mom had her while she was in college making Caitlyn think she’s a mistake. Caitlyn meets a guy named Tyler. When she is introduced to him she thinks he’s perfect, and anyone would be lucky to be his girlfriend. What Caitlyn doesn’t know is that Tyler has another side. One that’s jealous and controlling, and which makes Caitlyn become distant towards her family, friends, and even herself.

Painting Caitlyn is good book because it talks about real life issues like the struggles with getting pregnant, physical abuse and mental abuse in a relationship, and struggles with being confident in yourself.

The struggle with getting pregnant is a problem for Caitlyn’s mom, who first became a mother while she was in college. She struggled to raise Caitlyn because Caitlyn’s dad left her. After meeting a man who truly loves her, she decides she’s ready to become a mother again.

Becoming pregnant in the natural way was really hard for her. So she decided to have the baby by using fertility drugs, and treatments.

Caitlyn goes through physical and mental abuse. Her boyfriend is very jealous and controlling which leads to make decisions which she would never of have done if it wasn’t for the pressure she received from Tyler. Tyler tells Caitlyn that as his girlfriend, she needs to do thing to keep him happy. One of those things was getting a belly piercing without her parents permission.

Soon after meeting Tyler, Caitlyn becomes distant from friends and family. She begins to tell Tyler her problems with her family and he uses that as an advantage to make her hate them.

Caitlyn also becomes less happy. She depends too much on Tyler that he controls everything she does. Which gets her in trouble with her school and family

Painting Caitlyn is a good book talks about things that happen in real life. Struggles that anyone can face or relate too. The struggles of not being able to have a baby, physical and mental abuse in a relationship and struggles with having confidence in yourself.