LA River School

School’s almost out, which means new beginnings await

June 10 might be the day that many of us seniors see each other for the last time. It’s been a tough, exciting, and fun experience for us all. It has been a long four years but now we are moving on to bigger and better things like college or work.

It’s no time to be scared or depressed, I see this as a new chapter to an old book. We are becoming young adults, and to many now being thrown into the world. I wish nothing but good thoughts and hopes for my senior class. We might all lose connection and conversations with each other, but these memories I’ll keep forever. It’s a start to a new beginning.

To the eleventh, tenth, ninth graders, and others are all moving a step closer to becoming young adults, if asked what advice would I give to the younger generation, it would be: do well in classes, don’t be afraid to do something you’ve been waiting to do because we all go through things, and nervous should hold you back. I say go wild, do you and don’t hold back. Don’t let people get in the way of what you want to do, be yourself and try as hard as you can in school work and keep your personal life in tact.

Summer is coming up in a few weeks and the heat is already rising. It’s time for late nights, barbecues, beach visits, and just in general, summer time fun. This summer is going to be different for me because this coming August I will not be returning to a time-demanding school, but will be attending college according to my schedule of choice. I feel relieved to not be told what to do every single day; it’s going to be a new feeling which comes with a lot of self-responsibility.

It’s honestly a good different feeling to me, I am more excited than nervous. I’ve been waiting for this moment for years and now I’m finally here.