Photo courtesy of Jocelyn Marcial
LA River School

Senior Defense to start at LA River School

How will Senior Defense prepare the students for future obligations? Los Angeles Unified School District has been conducting their pathway outcomes to theSenior Portfolio and Link Learning. Los Angeles River School is beginning it’s Senior Defense this year, making it a follow up with the next class year.

Some friends of mine have been anxious as to how they will perform when presenting in front of 3-4 judges. The students have been galvanized with the news of having to present and reason why they are eligible to graduate.

The Senior Defense requires graduating seniors to conduct research, to present and defend their knowledge to a panel of teachers and industry professionals. We all make the decision of being frightened, but we also have the confidence of knowing that we can present in front of people.

It will most likely prove what you have learned in the past three to four years, guaranteeing you to walk on stage. If you do not meet the requirements then you will not do so.

The questions challenge the students to make a deeper connection to their claims and persuade their audience. Advisory teacher, and mentor, Sarah Molina said, “it is a good opportunity for seniors to showcase their growth.”

I strongly agree with her and see it as a chance to sprout as an individual. My friend Laura Lopez said she feels stressed because the teachers are asking for too much. She has trouble discovering why we have to do it.

It does not get any easier. Some students do not get over the anxiety of giving a presentation. Senior Defense is another way of letting the administrators that you know what you are doing, and that you are confident with what you are presenting to them. Supporting seniors through their final presentation is good for school culture.