Photo courtesy of Kimberly Aguilar
LA River School

Senior year and beyond

Everybody knows how crazy and exciting senior year is, or will be. As a senior at Los Angeles River School I am very aware of this sensation. Senioritis, as my teacher, Ms. Lemus, said “does not exist.”It is just stress accumulated over the years that has finally exploded in the most delicate year of high school.

Just when you think you are about to graduate, you remember you still need to apply to colleges, do personal statements for all of them, look for scholarships and keep up with your grades. Senior year is a hassle physically and mentally, and you have to be on the lookout for events you have to attend, or make time for the exams you need to pass.

In the end it all depends on how well you manage your time. I knew senior year was going to be hectic so a solution I thought of that I personally recommend is, I bought two agendas, one for just classes and another one for meetings I was going to have as Senior Class President, Student Site Council chairman, Parent Teacher Student Association member and softball practices.

Set a lot of alarms for anything that you need to do, even schedule alarms for naps because in order to be proactive, your body needs to be well rested. Try and exercise as much as you can and stretch in between studying time, or meetings, to get rid of some of the stress you will feel throughout the year.

Senior year can get very wild and distracting, there will be events you may want attend or parties you “have to go to,” but just remember that what you do now will affect your future. Trust me, you may want to think twice about going to those events instead of doing that essay due tomorrow.