LA River School

Senioritis: it can be avoided

This year, seniors have completed three years of high school and now are their most difficult part of high school: their senior year.

Seniors have just finished going through college applications and still checking portals making sure they are accepted to the college of their dreams. FAFSA also plays a big role in college from trying to get grants to cover all their costs that they will need for college, which can be a pain in the butt.

“Senioritis” is a terrible time for seniors and can strike at any minute.

Jose Guerra is a senior at LA River School and he says “I believe I am a victim of senioritis because I’ve been extremely overwhelmed with a lot of college applications and real life information that has me exhausted.”

Senioritis can have an effect to people in many different ways: from being lazy and being exhausted or just simply stressed out. Like any other disease it can be avoided.

Here are a few ways to avoid catching senioritis: having the right amount sleep and staying on top of school assignments.