LA River School

Sotomayor JV soccer team: Building momentum from shaky start

Sotomayor JV soccer team started off bad in preseason, losing all their games and doubting ourselves about the rest of the season. But the opening-season game on Jan. 11 against Franklin changed it all as Sotomayor prevailed, 5-1. The goal from Franklin was a mistake by us but we came back and everyone got a chance to play.

One thing our coach, Alexis Nunez, did was write our names on a piece of paper and we put it in a box. Then we drew a paper from the box and we had to motivate the person we drew from the box.

I interviewed the coach about his opinion on the team and what was some improvements and he said, “I know that we started off bad but I knew that we will continue developing and I know that we have a good team. The team improved on their attitudes and motivation.”

Then I asked a teammate, Michael Garcia, the same question and he said, “A very solid team and we’re a strong team and we’re able to build chemistry with one another.”

I agree with both my teammate and coach, we had our up and downs but I feel that we’ll go undefeated again this year.

During preseason we didn’t have much players because they weren’t cleared and without many players means that we don’t have much substitutes during games. Now we have more players, so if someone gets tired we can sub him out.

I believe in my teammates and coach.