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Spotlight: Undocumented immigrants, CHIRLA has your back!

Los Angeles- The excruciating journey of an undocumented immigrant is composed of many obstacles from day one. Since the day they decided to come to the United States, they arrive to racism, attacks of violence towards their communities, and many more hostile behaviors. This is where organizations like CHIRLA come and shine light into undocumented immigrant rights.

CHIRLA (Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles) is a non profit organization on 3rd and Rampart St. Its goal is to protect and aid those who are in need of legal services such as lawyers, social workers, psychologists, and coordinators.

Founded in 1986, CHIRLA is a California leader with a national impact on politics. Their support for undocumented immigrants is shown through campaigns, protests, hunger strikes, and other peaceful and effective strategies in creative behavior that emphasizes immigrants vital role on the American soil.

People need to know that there are organizations like CHIRLA that are willing to help those who need it. That they do not give up when a bump in the road crosses their way. CHIRLA uses their voice to aid the immigrant community in any possible way they can.

Fighting side by side with thousands of undocumented immigrants, CHIRLA is available every Saturday starting at 8 a.m. to provide legal counselors. Many are helped and resolve their situations that same day depending on how complicated their cases are and the amount of paperwork needed.

CHIRLA has many other locations not only here in Los Angeles but also in Sacramento, San Fernando Valley, and other more locations around California. This makes it more accessible for immigrants who do not live in LA. But are a great amount of undocumented immigrants in California that are targeted by political disputes as well.

While helping undocumented immigrants with their paperwork, CHIRLA is also investing in future leaders through their annual summer internship that I myself was incredibly grateful to be part of. During the internship I learn how to input data into the computers excel sheets, participate in press conferences, and put to the test my communication and networking skills when registering voters.