Photo courtesy of Jasmin Pedraza
LA River School

Spring Break in Mexico

Photo courtesy of Jasmin Pedraza

Ever wonder what it might look like to fly to your parents’ culture? How it might feel to live what they were living during their young ages? To know how exciting the smallest things were for them?

Well, last month, I got the chance to fly over to where both my parents were raised. I went all the way to Guanajuato, Mexico. It was so scary but yet by far the most amazing place ever.

I got to experience the wedding of my cousin Cristina to her husband Jesus. I visited my mom’s house where she grew up, ate many types of foods like empanadas, tacos dorados, pozole, and much more.

I experienced the festivals which are way different from the ones here in Los Angeles. For example, the piñatas are filled with fruit instead of candies like American style piñatas. The party hosts make the toys and give them out to the little kids. Here in the U.S., we buy toys to hand out. Imagine getting a handmade toy!

I found my family and their neighbors to be humble and amazing humans with such big hearts. I was always offered everything even if it seemed they didn’t have it. I witnessed so much joy and a lot of happiness.

And my cousin’s wedding was a very amazing event and also very different from the weddings here in so many ways! If I have a chance to live in Guanajuato in the future, I would definitely want to stay over there.

Photo courtesy of Jasmin Pedraza

I’m not going to lie, the night before my flight I was so scared, so nervous I didn’t know how I was going to react to all the changes I had to make like the sites, the sounds and using proper Spanish. But the day I got there I was so full of excitement! I had so much happiness being able to meet so many relatives, some for the first time and others, I hadn’t seen in many years. They were all so happy to I cam all the way from Los Angeles to be with them.

My cousin’s wedding was on a sunny Monday morning (Yes, I know a Monday! Very odd). But any day is always a festival day for the people and it always includes church, late nights, and eating together as a family, something that I don’t do here with my parents.

Sunset on top of a roof

I am so glad I was able to experience all of this with my family. It was a spring break I will never forget. My cousin Cristina looked beautiful and everyone was so happy. I will absolutely visit again.