LA River School

Students should take advantage of home periods

Time is so precious and not everyone takes advantage of it, especially teenagers. One reason being we spend so much of our time in school. A small resolution to that would be home periods (a period taken off your schedule for you to go home). I have a home period and when I’m home I either catch up on assignments or help my mom around the house. Some students who are eligible for home periods should be granted one, because they worked hard in high school, or they have responsibilities they must attend to. However, this privilege is taken for granted.

There’s always a few students who work hard throughout their years of high school, so when senior year approaches they are not stressing out on how many credits they need. Some students have already completed all required classes in order to graduate and being put in classes they don’t need. To retain a home period you must have completed A-G requirements, be caught up with credits and take a college class or work. Students need to learn responsibilities, because they will soon be out of high school. One way to become responsible is to get a job. With a home period it will allow students to leave early and work more hours at a job. Teenagers are expensive at times and want everything, so with a job they’ll be able to pay for what they want with the money they make. With that money they’ll be able to pay for senior packets without needing their parents.

Having a home period is a privilege that can easily be taken for granted. As said by Amy M. ‘’I agree with home periods under certain circumstances such as if they’re academically on track, if they have a C or better, and have a job or is taking a college class at least two days a week, but not every student should have a home period because it’s not a right, it’s a privilege to be able to leave campus early.’’ Some students may not leave if they have a home period, they may just stay in school and use the home period as an excuse to get out of class. Another reason is that some students won’t take advantage of their free time. They’ll just go home and do nothing or be on the street and get into some trouble.

Unlike many other students, I put my home period to good use. When I get home I do my school work or I help my mom by picking up my sister, niece, and nephew. I use my time productively.  The students who are eligible for a home period would use their time productively as well because those are the students who have worked hard throughout the years. They’re the one’s trusted to be able to go home early.