LA River School

Surprising myself

It’s very stressful knowing that I will be the only one from my family to graduate from high school, both from my mom’s side and my stepdad’s side. All my cousins have always told me to do my best in school. I never had someone to look up to. My tias (aunts) and tios (uncles) didn’t even think i was going to make it through high school, that I would end up pregnant by the age of 16. My older cousin had her first baby at the age of 16 and dropped out of school. She gave up on everything after she had her second baby, and that’s exactly what my tia thought I was going to do. The same day I turned 17, I went to her house to tell her that she was wrong. But as always, she said I wasn’t finished with school yet and anything could happen. So now that I really am going graduate in two days, I’m more than happy to show my family that they were wrong about me. I’m surprised myself that I’ll be walking the stage with my classmates. This is just the beginning however, and I hope to keep surprising my family and myself.