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Teen dating: Can anything good come out of it?

Many parents are against their children dating while still in high school because they are trying to be protective of their feelings, but there are many positive traits that are inherited through this experience. You, as a teenager, may think that is not true because you aren’t looking at the big picture. Studies show that teen dating helps prepare you for life as an adult. In my opinion, teen dating is great and gives you many experiences and benefits. Dating can teach you responsibility, communication skills, and learning to be considerate and thankful. Teen dating can often be looked down upon, but many people don’t think about what it can prepare you for.

There are several different types of responsibilities that are learned through dating. You can learn to think about the decisions and actions you make more thoroughly because you don’t want to be selfish toward your partner. I myself, have learned how to balance and manage my time with school and spending time with my boyfriend. Dating can help you prioritize better, whether it’s going out and spending time together, school, or work. I think dating teaches aspects of responsibility that you can’t really learn anywhere else.

I believe dating teaches you how to respect and show more gratitude in life. For example, Kristine Tucker states, “… learn the importance of respect by keeping the relationship within proper limits and making sure both individuals feel comfortable…” Tucker is the vice president of a consulting firm and has her bachelor’s degree and credentials. In other words, what Tucker is saying is you learn to take your partner’s feelings into consideration and you don’t pressure them into doing anything that they don’t want to do. If the person makes does their best to make you happy and comfortable, it makes you feel thankful to them because they care about what you want and how you feel. Helping your partner get comfortable with you is very important because if they’re not, then most likely they’ll never feel safe with you. For example, if you try pressuring your partner into having sex with you then they won’t trust you. You both have to come to agreements and make boundaries with one another. Without any boundaries things might move too fast or go in a direction that you don’t want them to. But another thing is you don’t want to make things too controlling because then your partner will feel like you’re trying to control them. You both need to have your own space and time with friends.

One of the most important things that dating also teaches you, is learning to communicate better. Communication is the most important because you need communication skills for everything. It seems easy, but it’s not. I know because after more than a year from being with my boyfriend, he still gets scared to tell me or ask things. Everyone gets nervous before going to an interview  or talking to their teachers , so dating helps you because you learn to get comfortable and get better at talking to your partner.

No matter what kind of person you are, dating has many positive benefits. The responsibility, gratitude, and communication will always be needed throughout life, so it’s better to learn when you’re young. Learning all these things can help you to be a better, more successful person. Even if you’re scared, it helps you to learn what you want and don’t want in future relationships. Dating can always teach you something.

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