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Opinion: Teen sexting

Sexting. I would say this is one of the most frequent issues in high school with teens.

From a couple of people I asked what they thought about teens sexting, they told me that they feel it’s a way to manipulate each others’ minds and start planning what they want to do to each other. I would say from my personal opinion that this is true. Once a boy manipulates a girl and tells her everything she wants to hear, she will become comfortable with him, and begin to do everything and anything he asks her to. Once this is done, he as well brain washes you and you become an easy target because you’ll believe everything you are being told. He’s going to tell you that you’re perfect, beautiful, skinny, gorgeous, etc. He’s going to tell you many things to get pictures out of you.

It’s all going to start off with a simple picture. Then, he’s going to compliment you so you can send more and more. He will eventually start asking you to look sexy and wear less. You might tell him no because you feel uncomfortable, and then he’s going to send you a picture. He’ll tell you it’s not fair that he sent you some pictures and you don’t send him any. But even though you didn’t ask for any, he’s going to try to get you all “tingly,” and in the mood to see if then you will. You’re then going to give him a list of reasons why you don’t want to, and he’s going to tell you that you can trust him and promises he won’t tell or show anyone.

This is where it all goes wrong. You send the picture, and now it’s something that he’s going to keep. They might keep it a secret, but that secret only lasts so long.

Let’s say they really don’t tell anyone and do keep it to themselves? You just got very lucky. Very few keep their word and secret. This is something you really shouldn’t trust anyone with because it’s one of those things that boys will keep to use against you in case you do something that makes them mad or humiliates them. That’s when you’re in trouble because it’s like you’re asking to get exposed.

Even if you feel like you know this guy very well and say they would never do that to you trust me, only one can take so much stuff from you. They will eventually ruin your reputation by telling everyone, and posting the text and picture messages up on social media.

So a word of advice, be careful and think twice about what you’re doing before you actually do it. Think of all the consequences that come along with what you’re about to do. This can happen to anyone. Know what you’re doing and don’t think you can trust anyone, especially with sexual pictures. Be careful.

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