Bethanys Perfect Brows
LA River School

The brow effect

Within the past year a lot has changed in the makeup world and that big thing was the eyebrow trend.

What do you need for the perfect eyebrows? As a makeup enthusiast, I tend to follow different makeup artists, and yes they all have their different eyebrow shapes and products but still tend to have the perfect eyebrows.

I started from e.l.f eyebrow kits because I did not know if I was capable to be a part of the eyebrow trend. I started from using the little brush that came with the kit. When I first applied makeup to my eyebrows, I was shaky and it was not the best I was, and not aware how to clean up my brows. I was just going with the flow.

I spent two years with my e.l.f kit until I learned there was a “dipbrow.” The game changed. I loved the e.l.f kit because it came with its own little brush and the dipbrow did not.

The dipbrow, by Anastasia Beverly Hills, comes in different shades: from blonde to granite 11. With the amazing duo brush #12 the brush, it makes too many miracles.

There are many beauty tricks and tips. For example, use concealer to clean the brows which totally works and leaves your brows amazing!

As of the Anastasia products, there is also the benefit brow collection. I have seen many makeup artist use it but never got the chance to use it. But the products look amazing.

I usually start with the dip brow by arching my brows from the bottom, then I’ll make she sure it’s nice and then fill them from the top. I don’t go super dark or press super hard with my brush because with a lot of product you can go wrong. Apply a little and blend it out.

When I get my eyebrows the way I want it, I clean it out with my MAC concealer and just blend it out with my foundation brush so it doesn’t look caked. Your brows are done.

This process takes up to at least 30 minutes max. Also remember that your eyebrows are an impression of you.

  • Stay calm
  • Use a little bit of product
  • Make sure you are not pressing to hard
  • Use your spoolie brush
  • Final touch clear eyebrow gel