LA River School

The Getty Villa

The Getty Villa has a lot of interesting background to it before it was an amazing museum filled with beautiful artwork, it was a house.

The Getty Villa was founded by John Paul Getty in 1968 in his own house in Malibu. Getty was born in Minneapolis in 1892. He was an oil investor and antique collector. By the time he noticed, he had already collected a lot of antiques and decided to build his museum in his own home in Malibu. Getty talked to architect Stephen Garrett in 1968 about trying to reconstruct “The Villa Papyri”. It took a while for Garrett to draw up a plan but he eventually succeeded. Soon after the Getty Villa was built, Getty sadly wasn’t able to visit before he passed away. It is believed that the Getty Villa was “his most prized possession”according to Cody Garcia from Malibu History: How the Getty Villa Came to be.

The Los Angeles River High School Honors Writing Seminar class was lucky enough to have a chance to visit the Getty Villa on Oct. 7. The way to the Villa was pretty interesting because we got a view of the beach.

When you arrive, you already see the beauty and peacefulness because you are in Malibu. The Getty Villa is filled with art and sculptures of Greek and Roman. It also has several beautiful gardens and some even with water fountains. Although at the time we went, the fountains were off due to the drought.. I have to admit I feel like they are very strict with you not touching any of the pieces they have there but, then again they are very old and one of kind.

My personal favorite sculpture is the one about Cupid. This is a roman sculpture from A.D. 1-50, it’s a young boy, possibly Cupid. The materials used to make it is bronze, silver, and copper it is mostly brown, black, and it does have a little blueish greenish in it too. The reason why this was my favorite was because it was a cute little chubby baby and reminded me of Valentine’s Day.

“My favorite piece was a Roman Egyptian mummy that they had in a coffin,” said Alejandra Acevedo, a fellow student.

It had real gold on it and very colorful. The most amazing thing about it is that it is a real mummy. Another thing that really caught her attention was this circular bench in the main garden where you sat across from each other than whispered to each other and the person on the other side would hear you just fine. It is believed that this bench was made for people who weren’t allowed to be seen talking to each other, but was able to have a conversation without anyone noticing.

Overall, the Getty Villa is an amazing place to go with your family. I believe that during the summer, they also have concerts, which sound fun. The docents are really nice and describe all of the pieces with so much detail. They also have a cafe where you can eat after you have toured the museum. There is also a gift shop where you could also go after and buy something to remind you of the Villa.