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The Hollywood Sign

When often thought of California people only think of the big cities or the most popular areas, such as Hollywood. This certain city is known for famous celebrities, or the finest restaurants. Even though Hollywood is home to exclusive locations that are high-end, glamorous places, there is more to it. For instance, some people who visit Hollywood are attracted to the beautiful sites nature has to offer. An interesting activity would be to go hiking to the actual Hollywood Sign and seeing the view from the tall mountain.

The Hollywood Sign was originally named Hollywoodland. It was created in 1932 as an advertisement, but was soon forgotten. Throughout time the sign began to grasp recognition and soon became a popular symbol. Although the sign was already seen as an iconic figure it did need improvement. The sign was remodeled to spell out Hollywood as it is now, and was made with sturdy material that cannot be easily destroyed. This location has and still is an insanely popular location for tourists to visit. 

A long, and adventurous hiking trail that leads up to the famous Hollywood sign is an experience tourists should undergo. A hike that starts from ground level to a 1,578 feet hill. This hill which is known as Mount Lee has three pathways leading up to the Hollywood letters. Although, hiking up a certain trail may be tricky and confusing because if you believe you are going one way you may be going the other. Hiking this type of trail is not recommended to do if you are alone, especially if you are not familiar with that certain area. 

I have lived in Los Angeles all my life and have never thought of hiking up to the Hollywood Sign. I have gone hiking, but I have gone to areas that gave an astonishing view of the respected sign. One day my sister had convinced me to go hiking, during that hike we both decided on to accomplish a goal and reach the sign. My experience hiking to this particular destination was exhausting, yet I felt a sense of achievement. Our estimated time hiking was a total of about three hours and a half. Due to the fact that it was our first time hiking up this new trail, we found it difficult because we had no clue on where to go. Which caused us to take dangerous paths to be able to accomplish our goal. If I were given the chance to do this again I would, but I would be more prepared. 

I would be more prepared to hike by having certain materials with me. I would take a few water bottles, if you are hiking with someone else, granola bars, and a small backpack to carry your belongings. I would ensure on having comfortable shoes and clothing because depending on a certain path you may take you would not want to be uncomfortable up in a mountain. One most important factor on hiking is to absorb mother nature and what she has to offer. Keeping a positive mentality will encourage you to keep going further and by doing so the phenomenal views will be astounding. I highly recommend taking the time to hike to the Hollywood Sign.