LA River School

There’s always something to discover and learn on YouTube

Nowadays there isn’t a child who has not browsed the internet and not come across the video-sharing website  YouTube . YouTube has changed the social media culture over the years since its launch on Feb. 14, 2005. It has become a portal where a person records and uploads a video to inspire, entertain, or help the public or “subscribers” in any way they can.

YouTube is huge now. People from all the world are constant viewers that vary from all ages; from babies to the oldest one in your family are most users. I watch YouTube all the time and so does my little sister, 9 years old. I always catch her filming herself in her room as if she was a YouTuber herself. It’s cute because it’s not like she’s recording herself doing inappropriate stuff, but she records herself making her bed or doing her nails. If she had a YouTube channel, she would be great at doing tutorials at cleaning your bedroom.

To be a YouTuber, you must be committed to film and upload frequently. It can become a hobby but also a job because the more videos you upload, the more subscribers you gain and the faster you channel grows. Your time is spent filming, editing, and uploading which is very time-consuming.

The top videos on YouTube are vlogs, which is footage from your day or when you have a topic to talk about and just speak about it throughout. I find vlogs to be the most entertaining and fun to watch because I like to know about these YouTuber’s lives.

Pranks and tutorials are very popular videos to watch. You can learn how to do anything on YouTube; it becomes your visual manual when needed. Some of my favorite YouTubers I have subscribed to and recommend have to be BFvsGF , RobertEntertains , Josh Leyva and Meet The Vloggers .

I share connections with people who could be living on the other side of the world and find something in them that either makes me laugh, cry, or makes me just feel better about myself. I believe people should explore YouTube because it is more than just watching people on a screen, it’s about learning something new everyday and getting motivated or inspired to do something. It’s about discovering and learning.