LA River School

Unsung Hero: The trustworthy counselor of Los Angeles River High School

Do you ever wonder what a counselor does in her office while you’re in class? The counselor at LA River High School (LARS) takes time out of her schedule to help students who need her help. She appreciates working with others for a better opportunities, and encourages students to feel safe at home and school.

Every morning is a different for Ms. Mata, even though she is in the same office. Her doors are always open for students who need a solution. Her shoulder is available to anybody especially to those who need someone to talk to. She makes sure that everyone is on task and isn’t led to the wrong pathway for any reason.

Ms. Mata has worked at LARS for about three years and commented that her favorite part about working at LARS is collaborating with students and helping them make better choices.

She says, “Although I am in the same campus, I am gathered with different people who makes it enthusiastic for me.”

The students are very proud of how supportive she is, and acknowledge that she interacts in a positive way with students. She likes to help them emotionally, physically and academically.

Time management plays a strong role throughout her days. Ms. Mata wants to help others in every possible way. Communication is the key to problem solving.

Ms. Mata, along with her teammates, wants the LARS students to know that she wants the best learning environment for each and every student. This includes them to participate in as many school activities as much as possible.

Her main priority is for students to feel safe and to not be fearful of sharing their ideas. Their voice has importance to our school.

During school time, she shifts her tasks to get some students in life started and others on to the life after high school. She works from morning to the afternoon, does not leave until she knows that her daily goals are accomplished. It is her patience that guides the movement of the school and to students, overall.

When breaks occur between class, she is always checking to see if we are fine. Everyone in campus knows that we can tell her our school problems. She supports you in many ways. If you happen to be in a bad situation she will do what she can to get the problem solved.

She encourages the students to always work hard and give it your best.

She always says, “Giving up will not help you find a solution.”

She loves how everyone interacts with one another and help each other to achieve their goals.

She has done so much for each student who comes to assist in the environmental studies school. She has also made it grow to how it is today.

We are very grateful of having Ms. Mata and knowing that she will be there whenever we need her. If you see her on campus or out in the neighborhood, tell her thank you.