LA River School

Unsung Heroes: Mothers away from home

On behalf of Los Angeles River School (LARS), we extend our appreciation and thanks for the women who work in our cafeteria. The time, energy, and endless hours they spend preparing each meal for the six years this school has been up and running is invaluable. They continue to do their jobs with love and effort even when sometimes it is not admired. We along with our fellow classmates, acknowledge all your hard work.

The cafeteria staff, managed by Ms. Evelia Garza, arrives around 6 a.m. and the first thing they do is sanitize all the surfaces and utensils. They later begin preparing the breakfast, which usually includes juice, fruit, or milk and warm food like coffee cake or bean and cheese burrito.

The women serve an estimated 1,200 meals daily. Ironically, there are students who throw out food and do not appreciate their efforts, but unlike them, there are students, like Joseph Romero, who appreciate the food.

He says,“I enjoy most of the food. It is always well prepared like the tuna sandwiches. My friends and I go running into the lunch cafeteria hoping we will get tuna sandwiches.”

When thinking of a cafeteria manager, one might not imagine that they need to go through countless trainings and pass exams. But they need to make sure food is safely handled and that the kitchen can pass routine health inspections.

There are a couple of us in LARS that have an insight into the daily life of what it takes to be a LAUSD cafeteria worker, specifically the female workers. We understand how difficult it is to handle food all day. Swollen feet from running around all day, to backaches because of the heavy boxes of oranges, apples, and bananas, the women enjoy working with students and being a valuable asset to the campus.

“I love my job, and feeding students. It is a pleasure for me,” Ms. Garza shared.

Thank you to our mothers away from home for never letting us leave without being fed.

Thank you Guadalupe Alvarez, thank you Sandra Angulo, thank you Evelia Garza, Maria Flores and Irma Castellanos for your dedication.