LA River School

Unsung Heroes: The energetic I.T. technician

Whether it’s the internet not working, an iPad not responding, or just anything that has to do with technology, Ms. Jeanette Fuentes is the I.T technician who works at Los Angeles River School (LARS) to help students and teachers who are not tech-savvy, and fix the issues they face with modern technology.

Ms. Fuentes can be seen walking from classroom to classroom and talking to faculty members around campus. She is only available on Wednesdays. She arrives early just like the teachers to make sure the WiFi is up and running properly or if there is any problems with the devices throughout the school. When issues do arise she’s only a phone call away and from a headache coming your way.

Ms. Fuentes, who has been a I.T technician for over seven years, loves to be on the move from school to school.

She says, “I love seeing their reactions when they see me because I’m a woman and they expected a guy to show up instead.”

She’s amazed seeing the students she taught in elementary school, “All grown up with beards and moving on.”

Out of a staff of 80 I.T technicians, Ms. Fuentes is only one of five women in the department.

Ms. Fuentes says, “I’m happy to help when I can.”

Being the only I.T Technician on the LARS campus, she wants everything to be running at its finest for the students and teachers alike. She works from when schools open to after-school hours if needed. She works in 15 different schools throughout the week.

She at times says, “I do have difficulty trying to explain how the tech works to non-tech savvy people and must have a lot of patience.”

When she encounters problems that she has a hard time with she stubbornly doesn’t let it go, showing her passion for fixing the problem until she’s done her job.

Ms. Fuentes does a lot for LARS, keeping everything in check whether you’ve noticed or not. So if you see her around the campus, let her know that you appreciate what she does. Let her know that you’re thankful for making everything you do tech related possible and making sure it all runs smoothly.

Just a simple thank you can make her day.