LA River School

Unsung Heroes: The two who keep the community informed and school organized

Ms. Leticia “Leti” Macias and Ms. Mejia keep the school in check. From making phone calls to parents and keeping track of attendance, they have important positions at LA River High School.

They keep the school organized and make sure the school does not fall into chaos. Without them, it would make the school system a lot more complex. Their jobs are very important.

Ms. Macias and Mejia have two different jobs but work with each other. Ms. Macias, a SAA (school administrative sssistant), is in charge of payroll, and budget. Ms. Mejia, a OA (office assistant), deals with attendance of students and school notifications. They both help students and parents, and work really great with each other as a team.

Ms. Macias and Ms. Mejia help the school by being polite to students, and helping students and staff. They also help by making phone calls to parents to notify important events like parent conferences or if their son or daughter is showing up to school, is sick, family problems or if any school events happen.

It is not an easy job to deal with all the parents’ and students’ complaints like and handling everything at once but, they still continue to enjoy their career because they both like to work with students and school they work for.

“I love my students, I love talking to them and I love helping them succeed in life because I love to see them succeed in life,” said Ms. Macias.

Ms. Macias found her career after talking to her daughter’s teacher. She had to do difficult training to get into her position. Ms. Mejia has worked in her professional for 19 years. She was advised by a friend and went to the Human Resource office where she found her career she works for today. She first worked for Burbank Middle School later moved to LA River.

Ms. Mejia has many great memories from here years in the district.

“I worked in a children’s center and always had children around my desk in my office,” she said.

She continued, “One time a girl asked to me to buy her an ice cream. Everyday she would bother me but, one day I pretended to call her mother. I told her mother was driving really fast on the freeway to pick her up and then I told her I would buy her an ice cream when her mother got here. But the girl said my mom doesn’t drive on the freeway… she knew I lied to her. Kids are really smart.”