This photo features students and teachers joined together exercising their 1st Amendment rights by protesting.
LA River School

UTLA protest in unity against remarks said by President Trump

On Jan. 19, the UTLA (United Teachers Of Los Angeles) agreed to take a stand against President Donald Trump coming into office by protesting in front of all LAUSD schools. Trump has aroused fear in my teachers, my friends, and my family. By protesting in front of schools we remind our community about the rights we have as a human being living in the United States, whether they may or may not be documented.

The event was voluntary, not one person was forced to attend. I was one of the participants at my school, Los Angeles River High School. I was not expecting many people to show up because it was pouring outside. Our teachers brought out a canopy and people showed up regardless of the weather. Everyone held up posters and chanted in unity, making the event that much more powerful. I chose a poster that said shield against racism and sexism, others held up shield against immigration detention and deportation and shield against privatizing our public schools. Each of our posters stated facts about our rights, not insults against Trump.

This event brought tears to many eyes but sparked hope into our community’s hearts. I believe that the protest did make a difference not only in our community but in the world. We posted it on our school Instagram and hashtagged “Donald Trump.” By putting it on the internet it will be viewed by people outside of our community and will inspire more.

The world is not over, I chose this topic so that more people know they are not alone, and that we will all stand and fight together for as long has we have to. Young people have to be more involved in our government because we make up a good amount of the population.

Who knows, maybe Trump will not do all the horrible things he said he would?