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Valentine’s Day — it’s the thought that counts

So Valentine’s Day has come around once again and I’m here stressing out on what I should get my girlfriend. Honestly, I wish this day didn’t exist because to me, girls are always expecting something and guys never know what to get them. To me, Valentine’s Day should be a day where no one gets anything except time with your loved ones and appreciate them. That’s what I think it should be, but it’s so twisted and Valentine’s Day is now celebrated by buying someone flowers that eventually die, the worst part is that they’re expensive. I get that it’s the thought that counts but why not just write someone a letter on how much they mean to you or how much you appreciate them? I think that is way more thoughtful than going to a store to buy someone something that you think they’d like.

I’m not against the idea of Valentine’s Day, but I’m against how people celebrate it. I’ll still probably go out and buy something for my girlfriend because I don’t think she and I feel the same way about it. Seeing someone who you care about smile after you surprise them with all these things is a good feeling. Even if it was a very stressful process, the end product is very worth it. It’s something I don’t mind doing for someone I care about and everyone should enjoy.