LA River School

Valentine’s Day…Ugh

Chocolates, teddy bears and dozen and dozen of roses. Valentine’s Day. Some people love it, some hate it and to some it’s just a normal day. Valentine’s Day is a joke. You shouldn’t just treat the people you love with kindness and shower them with all these amazing gifts just for one day. The idea of having to give your girlfriend or boyfriend an amazing and expensive gift is just unrealistic. Some people believe that couples are forced to celebrate this “holiday” because it’s what they are brainwashed to do.

During this time of year, many companies increase their prices to make more money. The ingredients for making chocolate has increased due to many people’s sweet tooth from around the world like Asia and Latin America. Valentine’s Day is a scam and is a great way for companies to make double or even triple the money. Some people might think that I am being bitter about the whole situation but I’m just being realistic. I’ve never actually been in a relationship before, but if I were ever to be in one. I wouldn’t make it into such a big deal.