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Valentine’s Day — what’s so special about it?

We all have dreams to fall in love with the perfect guy or girl. But living in a world where nothing is perfect, true love is hard to find. Some people think on Valentine’s Day that they’ll find their soul mate; just by giving or receiving chocolates and flowers. But what is so special about Valentine’s Day? For me it’s just another day that I have to go to school.

This year, Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday. For other people, it’s a contest to decide which person to ask out on a date. I see students at school buy each other candy grams, flowers, chocolates, and bears, but for what? Just to show them how much you like or love them? I simply disagree. You can tell them you like or love them any other day. Simply hang out with the ones that actually love you the most, your friends, and your parents.

Besides, Valentine’s Day is not a holiday. Some laughs with the people you love is always the best, you enjoy each other’s company. Spend some money on chocolates and flowers, they easily go to waste. But you can go to Chuck E. Cheese with your friends, and take some pictures in the picture booth, now that is worth something. Pictures last a lifetime. Unlike love.

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