LA River School

Volunteering is a good deed

Have you ever thought of giving your time as volunteering? Volunteering is a good thing to do because most people waste their time on things that don’t really matter and don’t know that they can give their time to a place that can really use their time and help.

I started to volunteer because I want to become a nurse and told myself that I can help people and learn at the same time.

I volunteered at the nursing home in Bakersfield because my grandparents were put there. They needed attention and so every time I go visit them I would volunteer.

I started my volunteering in June 2016 when my grandma was put there and then my grandpa joined. I would volunteer by helping the nurses pass out the food, take out patients outside and spend time with patients that don’t really get a lot of visitors. Every time I go I get to do something different.

I have asked Mark Smith, one of the workers, what he thinks about volunteering and he said  “I get a lot more help and get work done faster.”

Many people don’t know how helpful and how important is it to volunteer.

I asked a patient named Judy Jones if she liked when people came to volunteer, she said “ I love when my daughter comes and volunteers because I get to spend more time with her.”

I also asked a volunteer named Anthony Garcia if he could volunteer anyplace where would it be? He said “I would volunteer at this nursing home because I want to be a nurse and I get to help my father and other people who need my help.”

While I was doing interviews, I noticed that many of us volunteer to be with the people who we care and/or to just give our time and help to people that really need it. This is why people volunteer.