LA River School

What changes bring

Change. Sometimes when we hear the word we can sometimes are frightened by it.

If there were things that I would change about myself they would be to make myself a better person, how I respond or approach the situation rather than being irrational about it. Most people have a hard time finding a way to approach a situation in a calmly way and most tend to act based on their own emotions rather than thinking in a more optimistic way.

Now, if one thing in my community that needs change it would have to be how we see each other. To put it in a better perspective, imagine being able to see a neighbor without prejudice and envying one another or fighting about who’s better? What people don’t think about is we’re all human on this planet and no one is better than a different race or religion etc. But people have always been stubborn and always in denial, which makes or creates hatred among the people.

One thing that could be changed would be to do a big difference, even if it’s a small step. That’s all it takes.