LA River School

What if school athletic programs were dropped?

Waking up early in the morning for practice, attending school, attending practice, and getting home late to do homework. The life of a student athlete. What would teens do if they were not able to play a sport at school? That is what I wonder now that I am done with my high school sport because there really is not much to do.

Teens that play a high school sport have an everyday routine and I wonder what kind of routine they would have without a sport. I know about having a routine because I have had the experience of playing a sport in high school for three years. I believe that life would not be the same without a sport and I have not played any sport since my school season was over.

“If athletics were dropped then a lot of students would have dropped out because I’m pretty sure I would have,” said L.A. River High School student Henri Reyes.

I am not involved in any sport now but when I was, I would always hear my teammates talk about the assignments they needed. Sport programs in schools are important because students try their best to finish assignments in order for them to play. I believe that having sports in school is a motivation for students to do good in school. Having athletics is a trade-off for students because if you get good grades, then you will be able to play the sport that you love.