LA River School

What is behind door number 2?


“We did it!”

Every senior’s three words after they are handed that diploma. But the question really is, are you ready for what is about to come next?

For almost 12 years you were guided by a parent or a teacher. You were told, “you need these skills in life, nobody is going to help you after you leave high school.” And I have to say, they have been right all along.

You just closed door number one, daycare, and opened door number two, a unique, unattached door. This door has an infinite amount of paths. You’re that young adult that was lucky enough to receive the key to this special door. As soon as you open that door, you are handed a suitcase with a bunch of wonders. You could decide to go left, to go right, or even straight. But once you open that door, there is no going back. You’re given a chance of a lifetime, but only those who are wise, brave and strong, are able to open that door, start a life and then say those three majestic words. It’s a step in to the world of nothing but creativity.

When you were a little kid, you probably had the biggest and brightest imagination. You were handed a box of crayons and a piece of paper. You would begin to draw what you call your future. A fireman, a nurse or you in a house with a dog. Now take that picture, grab your creative tool, don’t forget your suitcase, and begin the life you always wanted.

You didn’t make it. You just started. Once you have a job you love, a place you call home, a loving wife or husband, and a bunch of mini you’s that call you mommy and daddy, you can the say. “Mom… Dad, thanks to you, I made it. I am your success, now here’s mine.”