LA River School

What Valentine’s Day means to me

Valentine’s Day: to some it might be a very special day, but to others, it might be just another day. To me, it’s a day that isn’t like any other because it’s a day to show your feelings towards your loved ones. There might be people who don’t think Valentine’s Day matters because they don’t have a loved one or they don’t want to show their feelings on this day. I see Valentine’s Day as a special day. The way I show my love towards someone would be by spending time with them on Feb. 14.

Love can be shown is a variety of ways. I show love towards my mom by bringing her flowers in the morning and that happens every year on whatever day Valentine’s Day lands on. Having a “Valentine” doesn’t happen to everyone, so having a Valentine is something special but is also very important. There might be people who think that it’s just a waste of money but I think spending money on a special person should bring joy to each other. A flower for your lover or a friend can mean so much to a person so money isn’t really going to waste.

Valentine’s Day is a day to be happy and to spend it with the people you care and love.