LA River School

Opinion: What would I do if I won the Powerball?

The thought of being a Powerball winner feels amazing. So imagine actually winning it? How about a low-income person winning the Powerball ticket?! Wow, what would I do? I would obviously not spend the money on myself, but I would definitely share some money with what matters to me. I would share the money with my family and the community.

What really matters to me would be my family. I always see my parents get home very exhausted from work and sadly most of the money they earn is for the rent. What I would do for them is definitely buy them a house but not only that, a brand new car as well. The reason is so they won’t worry about paying the rent, and they can earn money for them to spend on themselves and be happy. I know my parents would be so happy, but I would also buy them tickets for them to go visit their brothers and sisters that they have not seen in years. I know that would make them even more happy. I would also get my brother a brand, new car. My family’s happiness matters to me.

Another thing that matters to me would be my community. The first thing I would do is buy turf soccer fields for Anahuak Youth Soccer Association. One reason why I would do that is because they’ve helped the community out in so many ways and I know that because I’ve been involved in events with the organization. But the main reason would be because they are a low-income soccer organization that have helped me and other teens around the community through soccer.

The main thing that I would spend the money on would be myself. The first thing I would do with the money would be pay for my college tuition; I would want to help myself with getting a career. The second thing I would do is buy myself my own house and a brand new truck as well. Those things are what matter to me and make me happy. If there’s money left, I would just put it in my savings account and use the money for gas, clothes, food, or whatever I need it for.